About us

We are here to help You when You are working in heights or deep underground.

We can help you if you are working at heights or in confined spaces.

You can find help from our website if you are looking for a consultation, training of you are looking for someone who would help you with your works at heights.   

If you are haveing troubles with choosing the right equipment for the work you have to carry out, send us an e-mail with a picture of the problematic spot and we will find a solution.

You can buy the products from our website, but you can also rent them for a shorter period of time.

Kukkumiskaitse.ee trainings are divided in four bigger groups:

    * Individual equipment for working at heights (working on roofs, masts and overally in heights)

   * Lift-truck 

   * Consultation for scaffolders (we also provide practical part)

   * Confined spaces

All training programs are made individually for each company, so we could fous on the areas that are problematic specially in their company.

Best wishes,

        Taavi Lukas

        GSM +372 56 111 110



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