Retractable fall arrester with steel cable CRW200

1,800.00 € 1800.0 EUR

1,500.00 €

Lisa ostukorvi

Terastrossiga automaatplokk: 25m, 15kg

CRW 200 is a combination of a retractable type fall arrester and a rescue lifting device. The device is fitted with rescue lifting device with lifting and descending functions. In order to install the device on a tripod mount an adequate mounting clamp.

Connector has fall indicator and thanks to its design no energy absorber is required.

  • Cover: aluminium

  • Material: galvinized steel  Ø 4 mm

  • Dimensions: 260 x 120 x 340 mm

  • Users max weight: 100 kg

  • Compatible: AZ002AS, AZ002ASI, AZ030, AZ030I, AZ031T, AZ031TI, AZ050, AZ051T, AZ060, AZ060I